Alessandra Corona is an industrial designer in the Chicago area. She currently runs a product design consulting business, Big Bright. She spends the other half of her time developing her sleepwear brand, River Left.



Alessandra received her BFA in Industrial Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Before branching out on her own, Alessandra designed products at Quirky, Kids II, and Paris Presents. At Kids II, she designed infant toys across the brands Bright Starts, Oball, and Baby Einstein, working on every product from conception to production. At Paris Presents, she designed makeup brushes, sponges, and storage for the Real Techniques and Ecotools brands. Alessandra lead the product design of over 50 items for the 2019 Real Techniques relaunch. The result was highly instagramable products that work just as well as they look.


Big Bright

At Big Bright, she helps brands develop new consumer products and update old product lines by elevating their design language and functionality. She works with a range of clients designing everything from bathroom accessories to automotive tools. She strives to design products that serve a meaningful purpose, are built to last, and add beauty to the users daily life.

River Left

Her sleepwear brand, River Left, was founded after realizing that the options for women’s sleepwear are either overtly sexual or overly modest and unflattering. She set out to design classic sleepwear that is an empowering celebration of the female figure and offers women a fresh perspective on in home style. The environment and worker-wellbeing are at the forefront of her decision-making. Each item is intentionally designed with a timeless silhouette to be anti-fast-fashion and meant to last for seasons to come.


Read more about River Left at www.riverleftsleep.com

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